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Happy dogs smile.  Happy dogs sleep.  Happy dogs play.  Happy dogs get into shenanigans.  Happy dogs fill your life.

THESE are happy dogs.

Have FUN training and EMPOWERING your dog
At Happy Dog Training, I work to get your dog - and your family - to happy. Happily. Training should be fun for both you and your dog. It should stimulate his brain while teaching appropriate behaviors, and also strengthen the relationship between you and your furry friend. I'll teach your dog to make smart decisions on his own - not just be obedient. He'll be proud to know how to behave.
Train early, train often
It is so important to get your dog started on the right foot.  Dogs will be dogs, so they need to be taught the right way of behaving in the human world.  It's best to do this BEFORE they start doing the wrong things in your house. That said, whether he's a playful puppy with an adorable face to keep him out of trouble, an older dog who has forgotten just what's expected of him, or a sneaky pooch with a habit of doing the wrong thing, your dog can learn.  I can teach him.  
Force free, positive methods
I am a force free trainer, which means I use positive reinforcement to teach your dog how to act appropriately. The aim is to get ahead of problem behaviors before they begin. Of course, we know that sometimes dogs misbehave. When addressing problems, I think creatively about how best to change those behaviors. I use no aversive techniques or methods, as they rarely teach a dog how we *want* them to act; instead they often just create fear and confusion, and that's not happy at all. 
I come to you!
Glad to serve 
Northeastern NJ

Let's get your dog to happy today!

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