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Areas of Training Focus

One size does not fit all.  All sessions and packages are customized based on your needs.  After an initial consultation, I will develop a game plan and make recommendations regarding the number of sessions likely required to cover your pooch's needs.  Following each session, you will receive an explicit written recap of what we worked on during our time together, and how to practice each behavior for next time.  I am always available via email and phone for clarification, and to answer any additional questions.  Please contact me for pricing.
New Dog Preparedness
Welcoming a new dog into your home isn't easy.  Whether it's your first dog or your fourth, I'll give you the 101 on what you will need to be prepared, and what you should know to make your new little buddy's transition into the family as smooth as possible.


Puppy Preschool
A new puppy is no joke.  They are a special, playful, frustrating, lovable, and foreign breed unto themselves.  There is so much you should know to get your puppy started out on the right paw, including socialization, handling, crate training, house training, and basic manners.  Our special puppy package covers all the basics of what to do (and what NOT to do) with your cuddly little Martian.


Basic Manners
Your dog is a dog.  Without training, she knows only what comes naturally to her, which usually contradicts what is socially acceptable in the human world.  This fact can lead to incredible frustration, for both doggie parents and the dogs themselves. Taking the time to teach your dog basic manners will take much of the headache out of your relationship.  I will teach you and your dog these cues so that you can begin speaking the same language.

Problem Behaviors

From barking to jumping to digging to food stealing, let's face it - dogs can be impolite, inappropriate, and downright rude.  Our initial consultation will help get to the root of the problem, after which I will devise a plan to turn those unwanted behaviors around.

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