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Meet Samantha

There Is Always That One Dog​


I have always loved dogs.  Their playful and loving spirit, their unconditional love, their endless companionship - what's not to love?  I hadn't considered a career working with these lovable creatures until Buster Blue.  Buster was a special, but difficult, dog.  He loved fiercely, though he was wrought with anxiety and stress most of the time. Our family worked with several trainers to quell Buster's misbehaviors, and during all of those experiences, I was comforted by and impressed with the trainers' knowledge and compassion.  After each session, I felt optimistic and supported in our journey to help Buster.  These experiences with Buster Blue inspired me to become a trainer, with the hopes of providing people with that same direction and comfort.
Part of a Movement


There are just not enough force free trainers out there.  After studying the science behind how dogs learn, for me it was clear that this method stood out above all others.  The force free philosophy focuses almost exclusively on positive reinforcement and rewards.  When necessary (often to stop problematic behaviors), the good thing the dog is hoping to get is merely taken away for short bursts of time.  No intimidation.  No aversive methods.  Dogs quickly begin to understand the behaviors that make good things happen, and the ones that make good things go away. The concept is simple and clear.  I am proud to share this philosophy and provide this type of training for people and their dogs.


I have completed NY Force Free Dog Behavior Consultant's Positive Dog Trainers Academy.  I am a Professional Member of The Association of Dog Training Professionals and a Certified Professional Dog Trainer Candidate.
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