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Yep, that was me peeing in my own bushes.

I share this experience at the risk of having my in-laws, friends, and neighbors (but mostly my in-laws) think less of me. But I think this is a worthwhile experience to share so here goes.

Oliver is having some trouble with separation. I won't call it "separation anxiety", per say. I think it looks more like "separation anger". He shows absolutely no signs of anxiety when we're getting ready to leave, he spends a small bit of time getting the easy stuff out of his Kong after I go (even watches me leave and goes back to it), and eventually, he rests. But before the rest, he barks. And barks. And barks. We set up a camera in the kitchen to observe what's really happening, and I will tell you, it's not pretty. But like I said, eventually he gives up and passes out in his favorite, albeit very unusual, position (see below).

He's modest.

No matter what it really is, he is in distress. I don't like putting my dog in distress and since he eventually relaxes and goes to sleep, I try to minimize my exits throughout the day. Let's face it, though. I have two kids in two different schools with two different groups of activities, and a job. Ollie's never alone for long stretches, but there is a decent amount of coming and going. Like I said, though, I try to limit my departures by thoughtfully consolidating my trips out of the house (by the way, I'm a little stir crazy over here, in case you were wondering).

So then there was the day when I was out running errands, and I timed everything "just so". The plan was to go straight to school to get my daughter after I was done at the store. The errands took about 10 minutes less than I expected, so I found myself sitting in the driveway and playing on my phone until it was time to walk over to school. The problem was that I REALLY had to use the bathroom. I couldn't go in and disturb Oliver in his peaceful slumber, only to leave right away. So I did what any other rational person would do in that same scenario. I found a moderately hidden spot in my front yard. Hey, if it's good enough for Ollie, it's good enough for me.

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